Library Management Solutions

Edatalibrary is the leading library solutions provider in the region serving more than 7,00 libraries, cultural, and knowledge centers throughout the Arab World. In collaboration with some of the World’s leading library solutions providers, Edatalibrary delivers customized solutions for all types of libraries including Academic, Medical, National, Public and Special Libraries.

The library solutions and services provided by Edatalibrary enable libraries to:

  • Focus on user’s needs, keeping ease of use and client satisfaction as core objectives.
  • Provide superior information resources services in research, academic or advanced medical technology.
  • ​Offer Arabic as well as English and French as their service language.
  • Adhere to global best practices and performance standards.
  • Be part of a larger global network or consortium that enables share of resources and operations.

Find out more about:

  • Academic & Research Libraries Management Solutions
  • National & Public Libraries Management Solutions