Knowledge Consulting Services

Many organizations today realize the true value and importance of the knowledge and experience they accumulated over time, and are searching for ways to capture and re-use that knowledge in their day to day operations and their decision making process.

Improving the ability of organizations to acquire, capture and share their intrinsic knowledge has been a core focus of Edatalibrary ever since its inception over 25 years ago. And today the Edatalibrary enterprise knowledge management enablement formwork is the most effective suite of services that merges sophistication with practicality to address the knowledge management needs of organizations in the region.

Some of the Knowledge Consultancy services provided by Edatalibrary include:

Comparative Benchmarking Report Service
Edatalibrary draws on its expertise and understanding of the inner working of regional knowledge centers, in addition to expert staff and a pool of international experts to initiate a comparative study demonstrating the current status of the customer. Such insightful reports not only help knowledge and information centers to evaluate their past performance, but also serve as an incentive for them to explore future development options.

Knowledge transfer and outsourcing contracts
Edatalibrary enables organizations to make full advantage of their resources by providing them with highly skilled and professional staff, on a lease basis, which delivers a number of advantages including:

  • Expedite the learning process of new hires by having them interact and train with expert staff provided by Edatalibrary (this process speeds up the ability of your staff to take over the entire operations of your organization)
  • Ensures highest-quality performance and output for your organization from day 1.
  • Guaranteed ROI and time delivery advantages for your programs and services.

General Consultation &Training Services
Throughout the years Edatalibrary assisted many leading knowledge based organizations (such as libraries and research centers) in developing their strategies and enhancing their operational effectiveness.

With its in-house knowledge experts and a network of world renowned consultants in the fields of knowledge and information management, along with more than two decades of experience working with over 700 libraries, knowledge and information centers throughout the Arab World, Edatalibrary is the best for organizations that are in the process of launching their knowledge center or established knowledge centers that are in the process of re-aligning their strategies to meet new market demands.

Our consultants will assist your organization in:

  • Developing its strategic direction and plans, based on industry benchmarking and analysis of best practices.
  • Developing its organizational structure, including defining roles and responsibilities, job descriptions, performance evaluation criteria, etc.
  • The development of operational procedures, manuals and blue prints.