Enterprise Knowledge Management

Many organizations today realize the true value and importance of the knowledge and experience they have accumulated over time, and are searching for solutions that enable them to capture and re-use that knowledge in their day-to-day operations and their decision making process.

Improving the ability of organizations to acquire, capture and share their intrinsic knowledge has been a core focus of Edatalibrary ever since its inception over more than 25 years.

And today the Edatalibrary enterprise knowledge management enablement framework is the most effective suite of services that merges sophistication with practicality to address the knowledge management needs of organizations in the region.

The Framework consists of:

  • The Knowledge audit and mapping process: focusing on analyzing organizational knowledge assets and sources and mapping its flow and creating its inventory;
  • The Knowledge management awareness program: which helps create the proper environment and culture that support and manage the needed changes to implement an effective KM program;
  • The Organizational knowledge taxonomy: to enable efficient search and discovery of knowledge assets; and
  • The profiling of knowledge workers: to enable the capture of tacit knowledge and experience that lies within the knowledge workers of the organization.